18 July 2018

no hands

i usually try and only visit the steam room three times - with cooling off breaks / cold showers in between ... before giving up / shooting !

the other day i was in one of the most reliable local gyms - it has a male only jacuzzi, as well as male only steam and sauna - how much more cruisy do you get ?!

it was a friday afternoon (which is usually a fairly reliable time) but it was really quiet - not even many straight guys there

there was one hot guy that seemed like a possible cum buddy - but he was too nervous and thought it was "too risky"

but soon afterwards there was an overweight guy who was clearly up for it

i've written before about my guilt at getting off with a guy i don't fancy ... but this was my fifth and final visit to the steam for the day ... so it was now or never !

he moved over towards me, and started playing with my dick

at first i thought that his grip was too loose ... but he soon got going ... and before long i was getting close

he had a nice enough uncut dick that i was enjoying playing with - just that i couldn't look at him

there's something about the loss of control when a guy wanks you off that i really enjoy !

i didn't even watch my own cumshot (which i normally do) - the ectasy was so much - so i've no idea what size load i produced

afterwards he moved back over to the far corner ... and then started asking me if i was straight or bi or gay

maybe the fact that i had been looking away from him made him wonder

i was so exhausted that i had to sit an recover for a few minutes before thanking him and leaving !

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