02 July 2018

endless sucking

i was on holiday recently in europe ... and feeling horny !

a nearby guy was looking to suck ... and whilst i was probably looking for more ... i don't mind a fellatio session from time to time ...

getting into his apartment block became an ordeal - eventually he had to come down and let me in manually so to speak ... it turned out it was an AirBnB rental, so maybe he hadn't figured it out properly ...

he looked a bit older than his profile claimed ... or maybe he had just spent too much time in the sun which had aged his skin ...

but he turned out to be really good at sucking ... and he really was keen to keep going for a long time !

eventually it was time for me to shoot ... and since the sitting room floor was easy to clean - he was happy for me to cum over it ... and boy did i cum !  probably one of my most far reaching ejaculations ever !!

he seemed happy with it


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