12 July 2018

how high is your sex drive

one of the things about myself that i've realised over the years ... is that i seem to have a higher sex drive that most of the guys that i've dated / gone out with

and the trouble with that is that it feels like it transfers some of hte power in the relationship to the other guy - if you're always up for it and they are limiting your access to it ... maybe this is what it feels like to be a man in a hetero relationship !

after finishing sex (on a third date) - i asked him how high is sex drive was ... to which he said "medium" ... which didn't really tell me very much

he asked me and i said medium / high ... as i'm sure that there are guys with a higher sex drive than me !

i really would prefer to go out with a guy who wanted as much sex as me ... maybe it would be strange !

and what if he wanted more sex than me - how would i cope with that ?!


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