28 July 2018

too urgent

i had chatted with this guy ages ago ... but he was keen on barebacking, and i'm not ... so i didn't meet him

recently he contacted me again ... and he look so cute in his photos ... that i decided he was worth a go !

he was staying around the corner from where a friend of mine lives - so there was the added risk of bumping into my mate, and having to explain that i was there for a shag !

when i got there he was keen to get down to business straight away ... and he had an unattractive urgency that reduced the sexiness of the encounter ...

whilst he had a great body, and a really beautiful dick ... i realised as we progressed that he was quite a bit older than his photos ... and somehow less innocent looking !

he also really squeezed my dick when i was inside him - i don't think i've ever experienced quite so much compression before - and it was a bit too much ... he's clearly developed those muscles

he wanted me to cum on his face ... and i was happy to oblige ... but sadly he didn't ejaculate

he texted afterwards to thank me ... and promised to shoot next time ... but i don't think i will be going back


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