06 July 2018

second date

so the guy that i'd been on a date with the previous week was about to go on holiday ... and he contacted me to suggest meeting up the day after he got back from holiday ...

then i suggested meeting up that evening ... and he agreed !

it felt a bit like he didn't want to appear too keen ... but maybe i'm over-analysing !

we agreed to meet near my place ... which i thought was a clear signal that i wanted to get naked with him ... and when i met him at the station we exchanged a quick kiss on the footpath ... after our failure to kiss at the end of the first date

i brought us for a bit of a walk to the river ... and we had a drink sitting outside the bar ...

and afterwards continued on down the river bank a little ... before i suggested going back to my place ... which he agreed to ...

and before long we were in my bedroom !

the sex was reasonably good ... not amazing.  and we chatted and cuddled for plenty of time afterwards, which is always a good sign


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