23 August 2018

cemetery action

i had chatted to this guy on Squirt and we agreed to meet at a nearby cruising spot ... which is what Squirt is all about, if you didn't know !  he also gave me his Grindr profile details, so i could zero in on him when i arrived ...

i got to the cruising spot soon after the agreed time ... and was wandering along a path that seems to be popular (i'd never actually hooked up at this place), and saw a couple of guys react as if they'd just been caught

one of them left rapidly (with his bicycle) ... but one of them stayed ... and it was the guy i was due to meet !

we soon got down to business ... and he was one of the smoothest suckers i've ever had the pleasure to experience - he sucked like he didn't have any teeth !  but personally i prefer a bit more suction when i'm being sucked - so whilst not quite gold medal standard, definitely very pleasant

he seemed reluctant to get out his dick ... but eventually i persuaded him to, and it really was a thing of beauty.  he said that some guys complain that a member that big should be inserted into other places - but he is exclusively a btm ... however i like playing with large uncut dicks ... and most other types of dicks too !

he was very smiley and sweet ... but obviously dirty as hell ... in a good way ... and he eventually admitted that he had already sucked off the guy that i had earlier caught him with 

after a while we got disturbed by a guy ... but thankfully he kept on walking past us ...

but i realised that he hadn't gone very far ... and was behind a nearby tree watching us ... which was fine - i don't mind being watched ... and neither did the dirty minded sucker !

eventually i shot my load in the sucker's mouth ... which he seemed to enjoy ... although he spat it out (rather than swallow it) ... which was fine with me

sadly he didn't himself didn't shoot - i guess he was waiting for the right guy !

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