31 August 2018

different smelly

i was about to go to bed, and checked Grindr ... and a guy nearby contacted me ... and wanted to come over ...

he sent a Snapchat style photo - where half his face was obscured - seriously, wtf ?!

i got him to send a normal photo, and he looked ok, so agreed for him to come over for a quick one ...

he seemed nice enough ... and we were soon getting naked ... the trouble was that he must have been eating a serious amount of spicy food ... as his skin smelt

i love lots of skin on skin action ... and i love the smell of men ... but i just couldn't take it with this guy - i had to keep my nose away from him

it made me wonder what i smelt of ... and it reminded me of a recent encounter with a guy who just smelt unpleasant

he brought poppers that he used ... and at one point i had my fingers in his ass, whilst he inhaled. it was the first time i've ever felt an asshole relax ... made me want to take advantage ... but we didn't have time

we had a decent climax ... i came first and as it had been a few days, and since i was turned on by this guy ... there was quite a bit of it

his load was much more restrained - but pleasant enough !

we chatted a little after - he says he comes to london quite often ...


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