29 August 2018


one of my (straight) mates reckons that i should have kept a list of the nationalities of all the different guys that i've hooked up with !

the other day i got my "Curacao" flag !!

he was keen to come over, despite being nearly half an hour away.  we had tried to meet the previous day, but he had fallen asleep, and then i had better things to do than wait around for him.

the previous day he'd said that he was high (which was part of the reason i didn't mind not meeting him) ... but i didn't realise that he was still high when he came over ... big mistake !

whilst he was a nice looking guy - a bit heavier than his photos ... it turned out that he wasn't really interested in getting off

he said that i seemed very "cum focused" ... which was an interesting observation ... but then i suspect most guys are !

he seemed more interested in slow action rather than rapid movements ... and he closed his eyes a lot of the time during our interactions.  after recent problems, i wore my underwear during the encounter - which as a strange experience

he more or less admitted that he has psychological issues ... telling me that he wasn't into black guys - despite him being half black himself ... and going through the reasons why he wasn't much into nationalities other than British / Scandinavians

it was a frustrating evening - which could have been good, but wasn't really



Lu2017 said...

Hello close encounters :) I have been following your blog for quite a while. I will be working in the city soon. Any recommendation for the most cuisy gym in the city? :p

close encounters said...

hi. probably best to have a look on Squirt - their ratings are fairly accurate !
just don't expect to definitely score - even the best gyms can sometimes be dead !!