07 August 2018

foot fetishist

i've written before about how i get frustrated by guys in the steam room who want action without any physical contact ...

this time was in another of my regular gyms ... and it was another guy who regularly avoids physical contact ...

but this time he seemed to be taking an interest in the guy who featured in the recent shower scene !

there was a guy in the corner lying down, who didn't seem interested ... but the guy from the shower scene seemed interested in him ... and after a while, started playing with his feet ...

i'd encountered a foot fetishist before ... but i had no idea that the guy from the shower scene (who i've interacted with before) was into feet

before too long, the normally non touching guy had shot over the shower scene guy and left

i was getting close, and went over to the shower scene guy, who used his spare hand to encourage me to shoot ... which i did ... and watched it bounce off him ... which he semed to enjoy !

i then left the two of them to their foot based enjoyment


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