03 August 2018

late night session

i had chatted to this guy a week earlier ... but he messaged me again just as i was about to go to bed ... and was looking for a long session

he looked like a nice enough guy that i didn't want to pass up the opportunity, even though i was a bit tired

he arrived over a while later ... and he was that rare example of a guy who is significantly better in the flesh than in his photos !

he had such beautiful skin - smooth and dark ... lovely natural muscles ... great lips, which he put to good use ... and a very pleasant dick

we got down to work fairly quickly ... and it started off a bit awkward ... but we found a rhythmn after a while ...

and before too long he actually shot his load ... and i wasn't too far behind ... and i actually shot on him whilst kissing him - it's not often that i actually want to kiss a guy as i'm cumming

i've written before about how i like guys who like cum ... and this was definitely one of them - he didn't bother wiping up, despite having both his own load, and my considerable load all over him !

we lay back exhuasted after our exertions ... and chatted ...

but before long we were both getting hard again ... and this time he seemed particularly keen on sucking me ... and he actually ended up cumming with my dick in his mouth ... which was a bit unnerving, as i worried that his jaw might clamp as he shot - it didn't !  i shot another load on him

we chatted some more ... and he is clearly well aware of just how beautiful he is ... but he doesn't seem overly arrogant about it ... although at 4am, maybe my judgement was off

we showered together before he left - i really enjoy getting soapy with a hot guy ... not sure whether pre sex or post sex showers are better ... both are great


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