11 August 2018

locked in

i've heard many excuses for a guy arriving late to a hook-up ... but this was a novel one - the bloke said that he couldn't get out of his flat, as it had been double locked from the outside !

luckily i wasn't in a rush, and was able to wait for him ... although i sort of regret doing so !!

his height / weight stats sounded ok ... but once he took off his t-shirt, it was clear that he had lied - he was considerably over weight ...

he said afterwards that he was out - but he didn't really seem to know what he was doing ... maybe he was just young and inexperienced, but i wondered if he was attached and feeling guilty !

despite not being that turned on my him ... i was so horny after a few days without cumming ... that i ended up shooting over his shoulder ... and producing a decent volume.

his ejaculation wasn't very impressive ... so i guess i didn't really turn him on !


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