26 August 2018

Thrush again

i wrote last summer about how i picked up Thrush ... although it wasn't clear whether i got it from a guy ... as when it returned a few weeks later, it was almost certainly from too much time in steam rooms (rather than from another guy)

it's August again, and i picked it up again ... and again it's not clear whether it was from my recent encounter with an awesome sucker ... or from too much time in steam rooms

one of my mates reckons it developed too soon after the sucking encounter to be from him

i remember the doctor i saw last summer (when i freaked out as i didn't know what it was) saying that some people pick it up very easily - they don't actually need direct contact with another person

after a few days of applying the left over ointment from last year, i was running low, so i went to the pharmacy to get some more ... and was about to use my loyalty card ... but thankfully decided against before i handed it over to the cashier !

thankfully i was able to wear very little clothing for a week to help stop my crotch getting too hot ... but it's still a nuisance / uncomfortable ... and gets in the way of hot summer fun


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