05 August 2018

movie date

i'd chatted to this guy on Tindr, and he seemed nice enough ... and we had chatted about films ... so we agreed to meet and go to see Adrift in a cinema near where i live

we met at the tube station, and he was a bit smaller than i had expected

we had some time before the film started, and he didn't know the area, so i brought him on a quick walk around ... just so he got something out of his trip, as i suspected i wouldn't be bringing him home !

we talked about the previous day, which had been London Pride ... and he mentioned that he'd been supposed to meet a guy ... but it had gone wrong, and the guy had suddenly stopped communicating

whilst i can appreciate how annoying this is, after my recent experience ... it really isn't the sort of thing that you discuss on a first date - it didn't make him seem very attractive / desirable

he seemed a reasonably interesting guy ... but a bit wet !

we bid farewell after the movie ... and we exchanged courtesy text messages afterwards


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