26 April 2019

Probably not Thrush - day nine

I finally did a trip into the city centre on day seven - I couldn’t walk very fast as my dick rubbing against my underwear was unpleasant / sore.

On day eight i went into town again - and it was definitely getting a bit easier. 

I phoned the clap clinic this morning for my results - all of them came back negative. Although the doctor did emphasise that since the herpes swab was taking more than a few days after it first appeared, the test result would probably show negative.

It turned out that the doctor didn’t even bother testing for Thrush / Candida - either it was too long after the original outbreak, or he was so confident it wasn’t that.

So I’m left with “wounds” that are still oozing / messy, but gradually getting better. The doctor told me to complete the course of antibiotics and anti virals - despite the test results all being negative.

The doctor I saw on Day Six said that I shouldn’t use any soap or other cleaning product on my dick - just “ bathe in salt water”. This is easier said that done when you only ever shower, and you wash your hair in the shower !

The results doctor today said I should still attend the follow up appointment, even though it is gradually improving.

Postcript - the clinic's IT system finally caught up a week later and sent me a text msg with my results:

Rectal: Negative
Throat: Negative
Urine: Negative

Urine: Negative
Rectal: Negative
Throat: Negative

On the phone, they also said that my HIV, syphillis, herpes and bacterial tests were all negative


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