08 April 2019

surprising steam

one of the most successful gyms that i visit has a jacuzzi in the male changing rooms ... and sometimes it's a good place to initiate contact, as lots of guys use it without swimwear

the sauna was broken on this visit, so the steam room was way too busy most of the time ...

but after almost giving up hope, i ended up there with just one guy

i had spotted him earlier wearing swimming trunks - usually a sign that he's not interested in action

as he entered the steam room, he had got rid of them, but he sat far enough away from me, that i assumed he wasn't up for it ...

but then an older guy came in, and he was blatantly playing with himself ... but it got the other guy going !

it wasn't long before i was getting close ... and as the ex swimwear guy was touching me it pushed me over the top ...

three days worth of cum exploded all around me ... and the ex swimwear guy wasn't far behind - but sadly didn't produce a significant load

it really goes to show that you never know who is up for it ... and you never know who will act as the catalyst !


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