22 April 2019

Probably not Thrush - day five

i guess it was inevitable that those blisters would burst ... but i had thought that maybe they were just full of air, and they would just deflate !

so the reality of liquid oozing from my dick was not pleasant ... but it wasn't vomit inducingly awful either ... just unpleasant.

the trouble is that now i can't put any more thrust cream on my dick for a while, until the blisters dry up.  but considering that i might have previously been putting too much on (maybe that's what caused the blisters in the first place) - maybe it's not such a bad thing.

the general itchiness is maybe a little higher than yesterday, but hard to tell what is the main thrush, and what is the blisters.

the redness might be slightly higher than yesterday, but not much different.

part of writing this day by day account was so that i would be able to refer to it in future, as i can't remembe how long it took previous instances to fade ... i think maybe a week, but considering my current state - i suspect this one will be more like 10 days before i'm fully recovered


Ss said...

Have had this before. At this stage the ointment won't be enough. You need to take a single dose of fluconoazole. The pharmacist can prescribe it.

close encounters said...

Thanks 'unknown' - i took your advice.

I've published a new post with my latest exploits!

Ss said...

Still think it's penile thrush mate. In UK flucanozole can be dispensed by pharmacist for men or women. It's not really harmful and sometimes 2 doses are prescribed to be sure. Was once prescribed the ointment with cortisone as well to reduce inflammation. Herpes on the other hand also comes with fever, nausea and body ache

close encounters said...

Thanks Ss - i think it's probably just Thrush too. But maybe i'm just hoping.

Weird that the pharmacist wouldn't sell it to me if you've had it.

Ss said...

Been through it. Problem is that it gets triggered off quite easily for some folks and can recur frequently. Happy to chat offline If required

close encounters said...

Let's see what the STD clinic says tomorrow !