23 April 2019

Probably not Thrush - day six

So after five days where the rash didn't go away, and my dick was getting more manky ... i went to my local STD clinic (after being turned away by my local hospital the previous day) ...

On arrival you thankfully don't have to explain verbally what your symptoms are - which you do at the hospital A&E.  At the clap clinic they give you a piece of paper with lots of options to tick ... so i selected the "manky dick" box and handed it back to the receptionist !

She immediately sent me up to the treatment floor with the form I'd just ticked.  The next receptionist took the form and told me to take a seat.  It's usually fun to people watch at the clap clinic - but it wasn't so busy today, so there was less drama unfolding.

When my turn came, the doctor summoned me as "mister X" - rather than by my first name ... am I getting too old to be called by my first name ?!

I explained the last five days of woe ... and he asked me if I'd been taking any medication.  I mentioned some anti inflammatories a few weeks ago, and the hayfever pills.  He suspected it was the Ibuprofen, and that previous incidents of Thrush (he kept calling it candida, he never used the word Thrush) might actually have been drug reactions as well.

I even mentioned that the blisters appeared the day after I'd masturbated ... oh the shame !

He took a look at the mess - and told me that he didn't think it was herpes, and probably not candida either, as he would have expected candida to have cleared up by now.

He took swabs of my dick, and a decent vial of blood.  And he got me to go do a urine sample, and to swab my own throat and ass - separately !

Since it would take a while to get the test results, he decided to give me both antibiotics and anti viral medication, just in case.  I guess he reckoned that after five days, it has been long enough.

So there we are - maybe it wasn't even Thrush ... maybe we will never know.

One thing is for sure - I'm not taking those same bloody hayfever pills ever again !

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