28 January 2016

opposite shower cubicles

the other day at the gym there were plenty of guys in the steam room who were up for some action ... but sadly we kept being interrupted by men in shorts !

there was a particularly cute asian guy who i really wanted to get my hands on ... but it just wasn't happening ...

however we ended up in opposite shower cubicles ... and started pleasuring ourselves with the cubicle doors slightly ajar ...

before too long he was exploding in happiness ... and it didn't take long for me to follow suit !

the trouble was that it was quite frustrating - apart from obviously not getting to touch or kiss him ... i couldn't even smell him (something i really enjoy about encounters) ... or even hear him :(

apart from the smile he gave at the end ... i'm not sure it was much better than masturbating to porn, or live action video (where at least you can hear the guy moaning) ...

next time i will wait for a better experience !

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