26 January 2016

oh sorry - i forgot that i invited Tom

a guy recently contacted me on Grindr ... he was already with another guy ... and said that his mate was fairly high.  whilst i've never really indulged in drugs, i don't mind if others do ... so i thought i might as well head over - especially since it was on the way to my gym !

i arrived to find the guy i had been chatting to completely off his face !

but he was cute, and he wanted the contents of my bladder ... so i obliged ...

after we moved to the bedroom, he level of his intoxication became clear ... the doorbell went ... and he said "oh sorry - i forgot that i invited Tom" !

as Tom walked into the flat - it transpired that the main guy had failed to mention to Tom that there would be others there too - "i took some G" was his excuse !  Tom seemed like a nice guy, but not into this arrangement, so politely decided to leave.

i really just wanted to shoot a load and get the hell out of there ... but the main guy wanted me to cum in his ass without protection ... saying that whilst he was poz, it was "barely detectable" ... not a statement that would induce me to stick my dick into him !

so i shot on his face ... and he immediately wanted his mate to take a photo of his cum covered face !

this sorry affair reminded me why i don't take drugs.  i suspect that it may have played a part in the guy getting HIV ... and even on a more basic level - i don't see the attraction of being hard for hours without cumming !

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