30 January 2016

why wouldn't you want somebody to touch your dick

i wrote a while ago about whether different actions counted as cheating ... and whether some guys limit their activities in the steam room to preserve their fidelity !

i think i may have encountered another person in that group the other day in the steam room ... he was clearly up for something ... and was eager to touch me ... but didn't want me to touch his dick ...

my experience is that it's usually closeted guys who don't like being touched ... but the eagerness with which this guy enagaged in activities, and how much he seemed to enjoy touching me, didn't suggest a closeted guy !

so the only other options that i can think of is that either he really doesn't enjoy other guys touching his dick ... or he sees it as a way of telling himself that he's not cheating ... leaving aside the possibility that it was just me !

i can't complain too much, because he helped me get off ... and didn't complain when some of my cum landed on his leg !

1 comment:

Bruce said...

It could also be that he cums really easily. Or that he enjoys a cold, selfish top just getting what he wants and leaving him...