07 October 2017

A Moment in the Reeds film

As i mentioned the other day ... the hetero London film festival is currenlty on ... but it's showing a few gay films !

Yesterday evening I went to see the world premiere of the Finnish film A Moment in the Reeds ... whose director is based in London ... which presumably explains why it isn't premiering in Finland !

The text below containts some SPOILERS ... so look away now if you want to watch it without knowing too much about it.

When the director came on stage to introduce it, he said that he felt Finland needed a queer movie ... which sounds a bit arrogant ... and a bit worthy.

And the film felt a bit worthy at times.

The first 60 or 70 minutes was quite good ... despite the partly improvised dialogue - although I accept that some viewers are probably more accepting of the slightly awkward / natural feel that improvisation brings.

After 70 minutes the film seemed to lose its way and featured lots of arty scenes where nothing much happened.

The two main actors were ok, but I didn't overly rate them - they may become good actors in future, but I don't think they are at this stage in their development.

One of the audience (which seemed mostly overweight, older, over perfumed men) in the Q&A afterwards talked about the great sex scenes ... but I think he was being overly generous.  Whilst I admist that I got a boner at least once, possibly twice - one of the sex scenes just didn't work.

The director was also asked about each of the lead actors topping (in slightly more delicate language) ... and he confirmed that he and the actors had decided that it was important.  The trouble was that one of the actors just wasn't a convincing top !

The film is showing in London a couple more times - there's currently a few seats left for each performance ... if you like slightly improvised, arty, cliched fare !

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