15 October 2017

Close Knit film

yesterday evening (straight after another queer film) ... i went to my last movie of this year's London straight film festival

as always - the text below contains SPOILERS

one of my favourite films of all time is a Japanese movie called I Just Didn't Do It ... which i reckon had a gay twist to it ... as well as a beautiful lead actor !  and the more recent Japanese movie Our Little Sister was very sweet.

so whilst trans films aren't normally my thing ... i thought Close Knit looked like it might be good ...

and it was !

the trans character is played by a male actor who isn't always hugely convincing as a trans person ... but he's a good actor ... and a cute guy.

there's a nice balance with one of the kids experiencing trans thoughts ... the only trouble is that what turned out to be a flashback scene for the main character, appeared to me as a scene for the kid character ... oops!

there's also the standard conservative character (who gets her comeuppance nicely) ... and an array of taunting school mates.

one of the central themes of the film is about containing your emotions ... and the director was asked about that in the Q&A after the screening ... but she wasn't really able to say anything much about it ... which seemed odd !

it's a well made, pleasant film ... but i'm not sure whether it will stay in my mind for long.

my top choice from the festival is 120 BPM ... or if that's too full on for you ... then The Cakemaker was also excellent.

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