11 October 2017

The Wound film

another day, another gay film at the breeders' film festival !

as usual - the words below contain SPOILERS - look away now if you don't want them

The Wound is a south african film ... which proceeds at quite a slow pace ... so don't go expecting an action packed couple of hours.

the three main characters are all very different - and each sort of tragic in their own way - it's not a hugely uplifting film.

some people say that movie characters are only interesting if they have some sort of "arc" - where they develop in the course of the film.  the lead character definitely does ... the other adult does a bit ... but the young guy doesn't at all - and i did find him a bit dull.

apparently the film was originally written from the perspective of the young guy ... but i'm glad they changed it, as i think he was the weakest of the actors.  although still pleasant to look at.

the first sex scene wasn't overly convincing - even though it was a bit horny.  the sex got better though.  but it was always very discreet - almost old style.  still quite enjoyable!  the lead actor (who is gay in real life) said that he watched it with his parents - rather him than me!

the director was onstage afterwards and was asked by the audience about the rather depressing ending.  aparently he wanted to jolt us out of taking the urban liberal viewpoint - and challenge us to see if from the more rural, traditional angle.  he also emphasised that there is an element of hope at the end for the lead character - if you look closely.

the lead actor was at the screening as well - more handsome and less butch in the flesh than he was on screen.

afterwards i got a msg on Grindr from another audience member ... but sadly he was a bit too old for me.

if you're interested in the subject matter, and you have the patience for a slow two hours, then go see it - there's still another screening in London.  don't just go to see it for the beautiful actors - you will get bored !

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