15 October 2017

Saturday Church film

as i've written a few times recently that it's London hetero film festival time ... and i've been out sampling some of the produce ... both gay and straight - even though i've only blogged about the gay ones !

as usual - the words below contain SPOILERS ...

in many ways Saturday Church is a typical tale of a queer teenager suffering at the hands of jocks and conservative family members ... the clip below is not typical of the film - but they don't seem to have a released proper trailer.

the standard story is interspersed by random acts of singing and dancing ... much to its benefit.  why wouldn't you interrupt a locker room intimidation scene with the jocks carrying around our hero to music.

the songs aren't the most amazing you will hear - but they're perfectly enjoyable.  the acting perfomances are the most insightful you will ever see - but they are perfectly acceptable.  the story isn't the most original ever written - but it has an interesting twist on the standard teenage coming out fare.

Marquis Rodriguez plays one of the supporting roles - lovely looking guy ... hopefully he gets some more movies that we can see him in.

If you like musicals, and don't mind a storyline that isn't the most original - you will probably like this movie.  just don't go for titillation - my boner count was zero !

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