06 October 2017

The Cakemaker film

The "straight" london film festival is on at the moment ... and luckily they have quite a few gay films!

Last night I went to see The Cakemaker - an Israeli/German film.

Like any review - the text below contains some SPOILERS - but not much more than in the trailer ... look away now if you don't want to know !

The film centres around a married Israeli guy, and his German boyfriend.

One of the strange/different things about the portrayal is that the german guy asks his boyfriend not just when he and his wife last had sex ... but what they actually did !
I must admit that i do ask guys when they last ejaculated ... and what they were doing at the time ... and sometimes they tell me about another guy ...
So maybe it's not that different.
And maybe my lack of interest in hearing about a bloke and a woman is more about the fact that i'm too gay to want to hear about hetero sex!

Maybe the two men in the film talking about straight sex whilst they have gay sex is a sort of threesome in itself ...

The director was at the screening yesterday - and talked about trying to avoid labels / definitions - whether that be sexuality or religion or nationality.

Go see it and let me know what you think !

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