21 October 2017

fifth time unlucky

i usually try and restrict myself to three times in the steam ... with cooling showers / drinks in between ...

but the other day it wasn't that busy, but there kept being one person who wasn't up for fun ... a couple of times it was guys who i know are gay ... but just don't partake ... which makes it even worse !

eventually it was just me and a bloke who i've seen there for years ... but whom i'm not sure i've ever actually had fun with ...

i moved over towards him ... and went to touch him - but he moved my hand away ... seriously !

having waited all that time ?!

shortly afterwards an old guy entered who didn't seem to be up for it.

i left the steam, had my shower, and went upstairs to have my lunch ... i wasn't wasting any more time with a "no touching" guy !

a good while later i went back down to the locker room to collect my bag ... and the "no touching" guy was still there ... that's dedication !!


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